• Can You See Me?

    After the funeral of their mother, siblings Daniel and Karen are forced to confront a past that Karen can't stop reliving and one that Daniel barely remembers.


    LOST GIRLS: ANGIE'S STORY explores the CHALLENGES that police and other organizations face: fighting to stop and prevent sex trafficking. Aiding rescued children through their recovery in rehabilitation homes. protecting rescued victims from the threats of their former traffickers.


    Filmmaker Yael Deynes takes you inside the lives of the people of Puerto Rico before, during and after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  


    Written and produced by Pablo Zapata and Alexandra Marini coming soon in 2020.

  • ALPHA H-21

    Alpha H-21 is a mystery short film that exposes the limits in which a human being can go in search of the unknown.


    This film tells the story of a young love trying to survive the hardships of a life in darkness. He is a young foreigner willing to give everything for love. She, a tormented soul by a bizarre and obscure reality, not to be share with anyone. They will seek for salvation and they'll try to escape from reality; only to find that the other side awaits an even worse destination.



    Behind the scenes of the recording of the Flying Suite a piece of music composed for an upcoming animation film.  


    On this show we going to see a series of unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, which are related to mysteries surrounding parallel realities. 

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